How To Install PyQt On Mac With Python 3?

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Some people watching my Python desktop application development course reported problems installing PyQt on a Mac machine. While I primarily use Arch Linux on my desktop for development, after hearing about this issue from several users, I grabbed my MacBook Pro and decided to see what the problem was, assured of the fact that it's a two click process.

Here's the thing: it's not a two click process. It involved more, but I ended up installing it successfully.


Step 1 - Install Homebrew

The first thing I did is install Homebrew, the missing package manager for Mac. This is

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Part 2 Of My Pluralsight Course Launched!

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When I launched the first part of my Python desktop application development course, at the end of it I promised that Part 2 is going to be out soon.

I am happy to say that Part 2 of the course is also out. This part of the course focuses on the design and user experience. You can find the new course here. Remember that there's a 10 day free trial available - and with this trial, you get access to the entire Pluralsight library, consisting of hundreds of courses on all possible topics!

I think it's super exciting - I'll

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My Pluralsight Course Just Launched!

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Pluralsight is a fantastic training resource. Period.

I first became familiar with it a year ago, while working for Thomson Reuters. The company was kind enough to offer developer training through Pluralsight for all the developers. I still remember logging in for the first time, my initial thoughts were "holy crap, I have access to all this knowledge?"

It's truly a gigantic library, and today I'm proud to say that I've contributed to it. My course, Python Desktop Application Development just went live - and I invite you all to check it out!

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What Happened to Microsoft?

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Disclaimer: the post simply expresses my personal opinion. I have not done any kind of scientific/other research to back up my claims.

While I am a Linux user, I do not have any major gripes with Microsoft or more specifically with Windows for that matter. I use Linux not (just) because it's open source, but because I like it the most and I find it the best operating system for my needs.

So, what happened with Microsoft? If we roll back ~7 years ago, Windows 7 came out, Android was irrelevant, iPhone just came out. Chromebooks weren't even a

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TIP: Don't Reinvent the Wheel

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It may seem obvious, but when it comes to programming, don't reinvent the wheel.

You probably already know this and reading this you're probably thinking "yeah, I know that. And I never do it". However, most likely you do that from time to time, and you're not even aware of it.

Whenever in doubt on how to implement a certain algorithm, look for an existing solution first. Whenever you're not 110% sure about your code, look for an existing solution. If you ever read your code the next day and you think "wait, this doesn't really make sense" or "ugh

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Bored? Have some browser console fun!

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The other day at home I was working on one of the websites and had my Chrome developer's console open. As I navigated away from my website and visited another one, a message showed up in my console:

The website in question? Facebook (once logged in).

What struck me as unusual is fairly obvious - wait, how the hell did they make the text red, bigger, added borders around it...?

What I then learned is that console.log (and its twins) can take a second argument, an Object - and that can be CSS.

So I typed


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